Watch the man behind the curtain, I’ve been noticing a lot of political things being said while the opposite is enacted. It just happens that House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid play their games really well, if you like that kind of slimy leadership.

Who thought voting these types of politicians into our Congress was a good idea anyway? Don’t you like things being above board?

If you were an entrepreneur and had to appoint a board of directors to become an S Corporation, are you going to consider people that tell you what you want to hear or those that will tell you the truth? Would it do your corporation any good for those directors to bulldoze ideas into policy at the expense of relationships, real solutions, ethics and quite frankly, the very viability of the company.

Your Board of Directors are supposed to be seasoned business people that have an ethical obligation to direct your company down a successful path, giving honest opinions regarding new or tried and true business strategies, techniques and investment decisions.

Pelosi mentioning she has an ethical house doesn’t mean it’s true, her stating something that might sound good doesn’t mean it’s really so. It’s a non-accountable lie, as the game is played. If our media was doing their job ethically we would be inundated with unaccountable lies. You can readily find evidence that actions or motives are opposite of what she said but technically, if confronted she was only mistaken because she “may” have believed what she said. Unaccountable lies, like placebos, do work sometimes.

As Senator Lamar Alexander laid out his request to the President of scrapping the proposed plan and start fresh with a clean sheet of paper in a non-partisan manner with economically sound alternatives to incorporate, Pelosi and Reid couldn’t even look at him as he spoke. The two mostly just stared straight ahead until the speech was finished. That was a clear indication of contempt and disrespect, not behavior one would hope for the caliber of their positions. The president’s behavior wasn’t very presidential either, while the whole forum explicitly showed the distasteful ploys of not playing nice, I fully expected the three, at any moment would pick up their bat and ball and go home, which they eventually did.

Pelosi’s stance on the healthcare freight train could also be construed as dogmatic pretense. A recurring suspicion regurgitated in the pit of my stomach as her, Reid’s and Obama’s speeches choreographed with a blatant disregard to the opposition was unbecomingly focused on who could out dramatize each other’s stories of suffering, I suppose an attempt proving the right to healthcare as opposed to a privilege.

I couldn’t even listen to Reid’s speech, I was so disgusted. 

If you believe that healthcare is a right, then it must follow that you ultimately believe that irresponsible people have the right to be a burden on the responsible. Or that irresponsible people have the right to infringe on the rights of someone else. Why? If someone overeats, smokes too much, drinks too much, doesn’t exercise, practices unsafe intimate interactions, drives carelessly, puts minimum or no effort into their upward mobility in the business world etc. has the right to make someone else pay for their poor choices then the people that have to pay have their rights revoked.

Another argument is, if healthcare is a right then certainly other things not deemed as rights (governmental handouts) would be considerably more essential to life than healthcare such as water, food, housing, clothing, a job, a car to get to that job etc.

For the lawmakers that pretend to be going forth with a gift for the American people because they deserve it is farcical, nothing more than a power grab. It was unnecessary and unfair for the Democrats to write up the bills while blocking any Republican participation in the first place. They wrote what they wanted to ram through congress and over a year into it claim they’re giving one more shot at bipartisanship after a Scott Brown wrench was thrown in.

The President sat at the table and whined, basically saying the Republicans kept throwing those good ideas at me and I’ve already rejected those good ideas so I’m just going to call them “talking points”. The President having to remind us he is the president and reminding John McCain that the election is over is just tactless. Who is the arrogant one still in campaign mode?

Let’s not even focus on the egregiously economic drain the massive healthcare proposition currently debated would have on an already overly spent deficit. Let’s instead focus on the fact they couldn’t even implement and procure a solvent Medicaid and Medicare system in the first place, nor Social Security program for that matter. All those brilliant economists in government and as consultants couldn’t even devise a self sufficient plan for all those New Deals. Medicare was discussed for over two decades before being signed into law in 1965.  Probably since its inception they knew the programs could never be sustainable, even when the public found out the trouble these programs were in they haven’t been able to come up with solutions to fix the existing noose around the economy’s neck. Yet they want to deliver us another new deal. They would have had more credibility and subsequently more support by fixing what they already had in place.

Remember socialism isn’t for the socialists, it’s for everyone else, the socialists, progressives and federal employees all have primo healthcare plans (Cadillac plans) while pretending to throw us a bone,  they want to redistribute your wealth not theirs.

In an interview on Sunday, Mr. Obama said he did not regret pursuing health care in the first year of his presidency, even though he intends to place a higher priority on job creation this year.

Mr. President, I don’t think I’m alone on this one, but I regret you didn’t focus on job creation as your first order of business; instead you let it slide for year two and pursued everything but.

Photographer: Darren Robertson