Sadly,  no we can’t, neither can our scientific community, but they’re working on it and can say with confidence there will be an earthquake somewhere everyday, due to the frequency of these events. My first question upon seeing the devastation in Haiti was “don’t they get any advanced warning? ” USGS (US Geological Society) scientist Mike Blanpied sets the record straight on what science is capable of in this podcast, if you don’t care to watch the podcast just scroll down for the script.

The Haitian earthquake was caused by the nature and functions of plate tectonics. Movement or shifting of the plates in the boundary region of two plates just below Port-au-Prince involving the Caribbean plate and the North American plate. For more details about Haiti’s January 12/2010 earthquake, go here. Learn more about earthquakes here.

Our family, and I suspect many of you sent money, we sent ours through The Salvation Army, thinking they were probably a good bet to ensure a major part of that aid actually go to the needs of the Haitians. It’s sad when you have to sit down and decide who is less corrupt before you can help in such a catastrophic emergency. The hope for a better society lie among the billions of people who had the heart to try or still trying to help despite the numerous obstacles, mostly dangerous conditions and probably half of that was due to lawlessness (which could actually be considered selfishness). Nothing seems to exemplify the good and bad of the human race quite as much as disaster. If only we could keep the bad on a downward spiral, that would indeed be considered progress.

There’s a lot of stuff being blamed on Global Warming

I’m pretty sure everybody has heard Danny Glover’s rant against the U.S. for not acting quickly enough against  “Global Warming”  and blaming it as the cause of  Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake. Not too long ago, someone would have hastily informed Mr. Glover that meteorologists are just getting the current weather predictions down pat, I’m sure the capacity to predict any long-term global warming pattern is a real stretch.

I started wondering how many other Americans were possibly thinking the same as Mr. Glover just by getting hoodwinked into believing there is an impending climate change disaster that initially gained momentum with the peaceniks and the anti-big business tree huggers because it ran right in-line with their utopia back to nature – live off the earth philosophy. All seemed to be going so well until certain bubble busting thinkers started seeing the red flags and questioning, now with the help of real scientists (not being paid for producing select data) and some released emails, the truth is slowly leaking back into reality. The thought that other nations could have seen Al Gores “Anything but the Truth” and be converted to the cause left me feeling pretty disappointed. What does our race have in store if there is such a rampant lack of good judgement? What would really happen if they fixed “Climate Change”, would we be left with no weather? I thought the Brits were just as fooled as too many Americans were but after finding this list from the UK  “A 100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural”  I’m feeling better now.

By the way, not building cities in close proximity to fault lines seems more prudent. This would be especially true after an earthquake hit and a whole city is in need of rebuilding, even if some of the infrastructure is salvageable, the long-term cost of damage incurred by a future earthquake would negate the shorter term cost of rebuilding from scratch… just a thought.