Let’s start with the Mogul and Philanthropist Ted Turner, I found some insight  into the man through his autobiography “Call Me Ted” in the form of book reviews where apparently what I wanted to focus on was thinly written about. A couple of notable things said of his book; “If I could change the book at all I might have had him pause more and explain at greater length some of his transitions from conservative to liberal and from Christian to agnostic. That would have been interesting but I think he wanted to focus on the business stuff, which I suppose is smart.”

“Turner also notes that alternative energy is needed today, not tomorrow; population growth must be stabilized; land must be conserved; and nuclear weapons must be eliminated around the globe.”

These reviews reveal that during the latter part of his career his value system transformed. Ted exemplified his determination toward the realization of these values with a 1 billion dollar contribution for development of an agency that could fulfill his vision of negating impending threats from humanity on planet earth. The chosen agency to control humanity was an existing parent organization widely perceived as an aid for the human condition, the United Nations. In 1998 two more arms of this expansive enterprise was founded, these were named the United Nations Foundation and The Better World Fund.

For a sound argument against population control read this article written by Walter E. Williams from George Mason University “Population Control Nonsense”. Not many understand the full negative impact China felt from their meddling with family planning. The one child rule led to numerous amendments over the century as the error kept exposing adverse results, even ignoring the millions exterminated for not being the prefered sex. In the end there was a severe female population shortage. When all those male babies grew to the age of marriage they were robbed of the fulfillment of life while encouraging more criminal atrocities on women in the form of organized female abductions and arranged marriages for those with power or money.  This outcome should have been weighed more heavily from population control activists and more appropriately viewed as a major history lesson, an obvious blunder of playing God. Oh…and by the way here is a pat answer for “What percentage of land on earth is dominated by humans?” Answer: 29% of Earth is land mass. Of that 29% humans occupy less than 1% of that area. Of the remaining 28% about 40% is pure wilderness. 14% is true desert and 15% has desert like characteristics. 9% is Antarctica. Most of the remaining 22% are agricultural areas. There may be other areas with a human footprint of some kind but it is insignificant in any relation to global warming.

As found on the UN Foundation site “About the UN – The UN Foundation, a public charity, was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner’s historic $1 billion gift to support UN causes and activities. We are an advocate for the UN and a platform for connecting people, ideas and resources to help the United Nations solve global problems.”

The UN’s very mission is to reduce the growing population under the guise of helping humanity, with that they have cleverly postured themselves, infiltrating each corner of every nation with special focus on convincing the more industrialized countries of their benefit. All these years later it turns out that the conspiracy theorists were not constructing a theory at all but trying to warn of the dangers growing for world dominance. Ted Turner’s ideals and effort was not a solitary one while public protectors have been taking notes, one of these is a British writer Davide Icke, read The Green Genocide Agenda: Saving the Earth by Killing Humans.

I’m hoping readers take the time for engagement in provided links, all the pieces of the puzzle exist, you just have to examine the pieces a little bit then move them into place. Obama has just passed a bill that gives the IMF (International Monetary Fund) more power and control. I don’t know what was discussed at the G-20 summit but this message from IMF’s managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn about the 2010 Economic Forum contained a twice reminder that the stimulus measures taken for government is the way to go with the warning of not letting up too soon. He also states that the mounting debt is a secondary issue that can be addressed  any time later. This should be of particular concern for those opposed to generational theft or those that believe in liberty, we are getting our Country’s directives from an outside organization that is against  fiscally responsible measures. The director also warns that the G-20 Countries work more unilaterally and made mention of the US and UK unveiling various taxes and proposals. 

What I surmised the overall gist of this message is a stern warning the “one fits all” solution that was proposed at the summit must be adhered to and that other creative measures to shore up the bleeding frowned upon. If they have to come down there and help, they will so keep spending your nations wealth.

Was the focus of the 2010 Economic Forum really adding rebar to the foundation of the co-ordination of international regulation of the financial institutions, calling  it “Co-ordination of Regulation”? Putting the American economy under international regulation sounds like a factual conspiracy come true to me. When executing a scheme of ill intent away from public scrutiny, it’s highly unlikely and incredulously errant if  safeguards were not established in advance to have been passed the point of no return when those who would have opposed woke up ( that means us). Any nefarious plan has to be implemented under cover, we wouldn’t outright sacrifice our sovereignty for a supposed “better world”. Those in power consistently believe they know more than us how things should evolve. If they face resistance it is due to our ignorance, after all steps were successfully incorporated to confuse the people by making the system as logically complicated as possible. They campaign daily to prove they are better equipped to handle National decisions (even for fabricated events). We have a litany of decisions gone bad within the leadership over the centuries. This is an interview with Dick Morris as he discusses the very point of  G-20 posturing for a one world government.


It turns out that the conspiracy theorists were right, the planners have been patient, usurping sovereignty one incremental victory at a time. The John Birch Society has been sounding the alarms for 50 or more years. The JBS.org website has a greatly detailed article tying recent events toward the global move process.

I’m having a real difficult time wrapping my head around why our President thinks it okay to raise IMF contributions by 80 billion and why it was hidden in a Defense Bill.  The IMF is an institution of The United Nations and gets their money from quotas, they are the third largest official gold holder in the world.

It is remarkably easy to visualize The Fall of the Republic in this documentary exposing games politics play with our lives. Somehow, we still have the freedom to choose oblivion…lucky us.