The Plan That Will Ease Our Nation’s Woes – Plan “B”

B(1)  All the global warming and green advocates get off the grid and stop driving cars, heating/cooling their homes and using up all that damn electricity (unless they’ve already raped the earth to manufacture some solar panels or wind turbines). They wish to believe all this dastardly consumption is harmful, they can lead the charge by example and show us how its done.

B(2)  All the uber-rich elitists and elitist wannabe’s surrender all their capitalist wealth (we’ll use it to pay down the deficit, then you can have a legit beef of anti-capitalism) then they can hold their breath until they’re blue so we can have some elbow room. The 1% of the earth’s surface we currently occupy is getting a little crowded. Since they brought it up and won’t stop yapping about threatening eugenics, I vote they take themselves out.

B(3)  Instead of trying so hard to transform our Republic, all the progressives, socialists, communists and marxists etc. move to another country where those political philosophies are already operational (turnkey), there’s something for everyone to choose from. What, these philosophies aren’t for you, they’re for everyone else?

There you have it…this plan reduces government, cuts government spending, conserves our resources while keeping our industries intact, removes all the enemies from within and controls population. It’s a good start!