Dear Senator Dorgan,

I read your opening speech this morning in the Senate Jan 20/2010. Your lip service is extraordinary in claim of understanding, sympathising  and hearing the outcry of American voters in light of the upset in Massachusetts. Your feigned concern for America’s debt and economic crisis is incredibly transparent while marching on you go, blathering the same bull people took umbrage to and have been voicing opposition to the spending for a full years time.

Your service of dissembling while destroying the economy to the best of your ability is not appreciated. Results of 2.8 million jobs lost since the stimulus attempt within the new administration is glaringly apparent that your mindset is dangerous, inappropriate and detrimental. Just as twice before the stimulus had negative impacts to the economy ( the first one supplied by President Bush) has done little more than raising America’s debt and you are pushing a third attempt, I can’t even imagine you’re using the “insane” definition of expecting different results. Point fingers at the Bush administration,  you are pointing at yourself. You were an influential part of that administration that either wrote the bill and/or voted for the useless spending to go in effect.

You and every member of congress that voted for the mass spending while conveniently ignoring or covering up the real issues allowed to corrupt our system and our economics. You are the cause of the corruption.

I think it highly unlikely that congress is this ridiculously naïve, especially through an eighteen year span in the Senate combined with a lifetime of purported dedication fighting for the best interest of Americans. Given your age and amount of experience in your entire career, where is your wisdom? Or is it us you think is incredibly simple and trusting? Why have there been no cuts in government spending, why hasn’t reducing government programs been instituted, why haven’t stricter budgets been the first measures of government? It only takes running a household to know how to tighten your belt in lean times.

Tax cuts would have allowed more people to keep their jobs along with more confidence in spending to keep the economy going. You should have cleaned your own house first. Government caused the economic disaster (with corruption of Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Federal Reserve etc.) forcing us to endure a crippling recession. You further prolonged the recession by adding to it and focussing on everything else but the real issues, if that weren’t enough, compounding it by loading us up with more debt. You are still proposing more debt load by funneling money again into one sector of government (tax money already collected to pay for) that government was responsible for maintaining all along – infrastructure. Was the stimulus supposed to “appear”  to help Americans while actually used to cover up your ineptness? How many times do we pay for the same mistakes? This is what you said that spawned the authorship of this letter;

“How will we reach that goal? We need to do something this year, and we need to do it quickly so we do not miss a construction season, so we can create new opportunities for jobs in building bridges and highways and airports and water projects all across America–investment in our infrastructure that pays off over the long run and creates jobs immediately. That is something we need to do. It will take money to do it.

Fortunately, there is a source. President Bush had his Troubled Asset Relief Program and took hundreds of billions of dollars and loaned them to financial institutions and companies to get through the worst of the recession. Many of those companies are paying us back, some with interest. We wish to take the money that is being paid back there and invest it back into this economy to get it moving forward.”

This sounds to me like something that Democrats and Republicans should agree on. I think we both share the goal of getting out of this recession and begin moving forward, but we need a cooperative, bipartisan effort for that to be achieved. I hope we can find it. I hope we can reach common ground there.”

PS…Don’t you dare vote for Cap-and-Trade!

American Patriot