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What does that mean? Everybody knows that scientific data should stand up to scrutiny, we are all too aware that studies can appear to support theories simply by manipulating the studies. I suppose if something was inarguably fact, then the entire scientific community would be in agreement and unable to dispute the facts. There have been many sceptics, along with many scientists that would not support the global warming and climate change theory. Unfortunately, we cannot depend on the experts for direction, we have to rely on our own common sense to decide if something makes sense or not.

Our government is powerful enough to own advisory or research groups, if they’re needing an agenda pushed forward, then the groups would figure out a way to sell it for job security. This is more than a conflict of interest that we are paying for…we are actually paying for our own misery with our tax dollars and appointing the public servants that implement regulations on us while every one on the government payroll lives large and lines their pockets. When the Senior Operations Research Analyst for the EPA debunks the proposed research and exposes an obvious agenda, it also exposes the trouble we are in. Our recourse is for everyone to have a personal staff of lobbyists and heavily fund political candidates for more political weight, or we can call to action demanding reform and vet our candidates more thoroughly for future elections. Of course now that “Global Warming”, renamed “Climate Change” has negative connotations don’t be surprised if the initiative gets pushed through with a whole new name, isn’t your intelligence insulted? 

The 98 page report was co-authored by Alan Carlin – Senior Operations Research Analyst for the EPA since 1974 and John Davidson – Environmental Scientist for the EPA!OpenDocument

And here’s the report


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"Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed -- and no republic can survive" -- JFK.
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." --Thomas Jefferson
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