No More   We Need To  
Lobbyists 2 Pay attention to the man behind the curtain 2
Corporate monopolies 2 Start focusing on the real issues and less on the distractions 2
Allegiance to party lines (serves as a distraction and effectively divides us) 2 Strip “rights revoking” amendments from our constitution 2
Government or government granted monopolies 2 Conserve our sovereignty 2
Duopolies 2 Pledge allegiance to our constitution and Bill of Rights 2
New world order 2 Effectively separate the powers 2
Transferring wealth to the government sector from the private sector 2 Repeal the Federal Reserve Act 2
Power to the U.N. 2 Conserve individual independence 2
Power and authority to the Federal Reserve 2 Eliminate banks conflict of interests 2
Destroying production 2 Term limits for congress 2
Scare and alarmism tactics 2    
Giving us a choice between two evils 2    
Munchausen syndrome by proxy 2    
Global elites dictatorship 2    
Washington elites dictatorship 2    
Letting cheaters prosper 2    
Special Interest Groups 2