Greetings Esteemed American,
I started this blog that (with a few good contributors), may help instigate independent thinking and arouse meaningful debate regarding the current state and direction of our country. Feeling that mentioning party lines would only divide a following and attract a choir, I thought the better route would be through our most principled common denominator – ethics and morality as the only worthy way of propelling ourselves forward.
To uphold, strengthen or gain a moral base on which our decisions and opinions should be made (focus on what is right), then explore means and ways we can effect change. 
Keep our composure, keep it clean and extract malice from our points and comments. Our power of persuasion is greater when we have acquired respect and in turn show respect thus preventing the opposition from feeling attacked. 

Please feel free to start a post, read and/or comment on posts, or send us a comment below. 

Thank-you for your comment contributions.