Tell it like it is, is it “disingenuous” or is it a “lie”? To say “misrepresentation” instead of “lie” is the truth manipulated into a far less ominous act. The same applies for the other (so called same meaning, half the impact) Synonyms: dishonest, insincere, untruthful, deceitful, hypocritical, misleading, duplicitous, dishonest, two-faced, mendacious, double-dealing and false.

How they get away with lying is by simply making an untrue statement and/or repeating it (don’t make me get that long list out). Just making the statement convinces an audience what they are doing is acceptable. Why are blatant lies to the public not punishable by law when in public office with a vast amount of power to persuade the public? Yet they still hold office and continue lying to us because they’ve got each others back and know how to play the system.

For any credibility within a party or confidence for a party, accountability should have precedence and come from within. Party members, (ones with the most clout) should call out their own to ensure integrity because a bad apple can and will spoil the bunch, otherwise be an accessory. It doesn’t seem to matter if the opposition calls them out or not, it doesn’t matter if the media calls them out. It should matter! After witnessing the political games, I can only assume what else goes on, if we are only seeing the tip of the iceburg…God help us, we can’t seem to help ourselves. I hope I’m not the only one who has lost confidence and disenfranchised.

Purposely building a campaign on lies to garner votes should also be condemned. There are huge differences between “I’ll try”, “I will” and “I have no idea but it sounds good and appears what you want”. There is also two ends of the spectrum of “change”, who knew it actually meant (other than the people who saw all those red flags) “I’ll sympathize with the terrorists and do everything I can to protect them over you” or ” I’ll do everything in my power to dissolve your rights and about turn the face of America as you knew it”.

This should tie in nicely, lest we forget what we’re made of… Newt Gingrich on “Victory Or Death”