One big happy family…

I came across this interview that a couple of personal questions got asked, with a couple of revealing answers when Presidents Bush and Clinton sat down with Bob Schieffer to have a Q &A  about the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund for CBS.

It seems to me that if one President’s mother can affectionately refer to another President as a fourth son, they must have some pretty tight ties. What if we should conclude that the Washington Elitists are one big happy family all having the same cause ( job security and government expansion), while perpetuating firestorms between the Democrat and Republican constituents. It’s certainly not a stretch to picture them outwardly bashing each other, then getting together behind closed doors for a beer to snicker about the public gullibility, to compare notes or lay some secret bets.

Hey, the pieces of the puzzle fit, especially when you look back and have a difficult time establishing much differentiation between policies and what they actually accomplished during their terms. Are the special favors one President does for another to finish something that couldn’t quite get done while in office, just favors? Maybe they’re only following club rules, after all it is a pretty exclusive club. Perhaps the only real difference is that each bring something different to the table like personalities and some are just more adept at playing the game.

Imagine that gig, you get paid well, you get treated like a king, live lavishly, never get affected by making poor policy decisions (except for the verbal flack), just blame a subordinate and go golfing. You can also have a heck of a lot of fun setting up your buddies with windfalls, spending the nation’s money, and work from the comfort of your billion dollar clubhouse. After your service is up you get the best retirement plan money can buy and you’re set for life.

President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton interviewed by CBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer.

Schieffer: I think some people would be surprised to see you two sitting here together. But a very good source of mine told me, as a matter of fact, that you all often talked while you were president, Mr. Bush, and that you actually developed a very special relationship. Do you think of yourselves now as friends?

Bush: Yeah I do.

Clinton: Me too.

Schieffer: And did you talk often?

Bush: I don’t know about often but I did, I called him. He didn’t call me because he knows how busy a president is. I called him and we chatted on occasion.

Clinton: I was always pleased when he called me. I’d try, I make it a practice never to bother the president. I don’t call President Obama either. I don’t think it’s, you know, they’ve got plenty to do. But I, we have developed a very honest, good friendship. And we’ve made our disagreements respectful and we’ve had a good time doing it.

Bush: My mother calls me my fourth brother – calls him my fourth brother.

Schieffer: Is that right?

Clinton: The black sheep of family.


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