Yes we pollute, if thats the correct terminology for using the earth’s resources through rearranging constituents that only morph back to their original elements again through the laws of nature. Is it responsible to believe only a questionable portion of our scientific community that we are killing our planet with the same components that built our planet? With manipulated data, a mention there is a problem, accompanied by a couple of digitally produced Shockumentaries of doomsday footage, they created a blind following that sucked in half our intelligent race. This is like winning the Nobel Peace Prize by uttering the word peace.

Everything already put towards this agenda has cost us hundreds of billions, from jet set campaigning around the world, advertising campaigns to subsidizing numerous agencies for years of inconclusive data, accepting this ludicrousness and moving forward will cost us untold billions more. Did they know our economic situation cannot sustain or endure a whole retooling of America. Did it start as an anti-american, anti-capitalism and anti-industry campaign? Is this movement going to bring America to its knees? Why, yes it will and we’re funding the takedown. Did you know that industry (capitalism) combined with the brilliance of our forefather’s foundation is what made America so great (strength)? Don’t you think we should have anticipated jealous conspiratorial campaigns against us? Our buying into the political bureaucracy is leading us around by the nose

You and I are the sole financial supporters for every foolhardy scheme developed to control us, often without our usual misinformed consent. Did they magically close the holes in the ozone? Did they save us from acid rain? Or did they set it all up, using models we could not see and/or know enough about to verify? We have no proof that these were abnormal conditions; therefore we cannot assume their efforts fixed the problem. Perhaps all trends spotted by scientists were natural occurring phases. What really set off red flags is the amount of rhetoric, inconsistency and unverifiable information they have spewed (you know who you are), which flattens the whole argument to a mere theory. Follow the money, the longer we wait the more the real research information gets buried.

Next, I’ll be posting evidence of conflicting information about the things they say are harming the environment.