The government is scaring us to death, well those that are under the $100,000 per year income category, we’re the ones that feel the ill effects of bad government decisions the most. In a government caused recession and the Freddie/Fannie debacle millions have lost most of our 401K investments, compounded when your age prevents an ability to build it back up before retirement. This scenario of course is “best case” assuming they still have a job.

How are these people expected to fair with any higher energy prices and added taxes that will be forcing citizens to rectify their bad economic decisions? Would they all perhaps go on the government welfare system, burdening the next tax payer group, sending them to the bottom as government will again mess things up and the citizens will again attempt to bail them out with higher taxes. The wealthy and top earners in our society should take heed as they will be the sole bearers of the burden of balancing the budget.

We, the people are indirectly responsible for our harsh economical times because we voted in the representatives that swore they would fight for us. What qualifications did they have, eloquence-talking a good game from journalism experience or a law degree? Are they automatically qualified if they are already employed by government? They are indeed qualified to play the game (that’s why politicians flip-flop, depending what serves them best and at which time). There have been few great C.E.O.s in our time but none of them are running our Country. No successful, upstanding business would run a company the way government runs our Country.

Most of us have it rationalized as; Our President, politicians and lawmakers deserve the paycheck, healthcare and posh lifestyle and we ignore all the other questionable perks they are reaping, heck they are working hard every day for us. We automatically assume we couldn’t do the same bang up job they’re doing and they must be smarter, without even entertaining the fact that they made the whole process look as complicated as possible.

Here is a fair bit of reading, but a well written and documented piece complete with citations from the year 2000. Please take some time to educate yourself for the betterment of the country. We can clean this mess up but first have to arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding what is really going on. To determine the why, take into account who is profiting and who is funding the profits. The link bellow lays out what perks Congressional Members get, what we’re paying for and why they are incentivized to play the game and not do the job we thought they should.