There is no hiding the fact now that Martha Stewart has nothing substantial to say. Verbalizing distaste about someone and failing to articulate why you don’t like that someone, tells us a great deal about character.

I can’t get behind or support a Company knowing it’s morally questionable. Organizations, even empires that have shown extreme bias towards any one social group looses support from the unsupported group as that group realizes the profits from their purchases goes towards efforts to undermine them. Isn’t that why Oprah lost half of her viewership? Oprah showed extreme bias for the Democratic Presidential Nominee (granting only Obama an interview is of course using her show as a political platform) and then proceeded to lie about it on a few occasions to her audience, half of which were Republican/Conservative supporters. The old adage; For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, certainly rings true in these circumstances but that doesn’t account for the fact that Oprah wouldn’t have been nearly as rich or powerful without the Republicans and Conservatives that she so carelessly betrayed.