I’m sitting here shaking my head in disbelief at the hard-line division of party lines. The level of  intolerance, bias and misunderstanding or ignorance in our current day society is astounding. The mess we have ourselves into is astronomically huge that desperately needs sorting, kind of like a messy garage when you can’t find anything you need but the overwhelming disorganization of clutter prevents you from knowing where to start cleaning it up.

Our system, politics and way of life is ailing and failing and the rocket scientists can’t even see it. We are so involved with pointing fingers and distractions that no one is paying attention to the man behind the curtain…taking us from the greatest nation on earth to our demise. Why can’t we look at the big picture, examine the processes and political machine, start sorting and edit?

I strongly suspect that the evolutionized politics as usual and the peripheral key organizations that are in bed, supporting and capitalizing (basically leaching proceeds) from the corruption are responsible for the debauchery and pitting us against one another that keeps us distracted from the real view. Examine any organization that has government ties and you’ll see an enormous amount of backscratching involved, driving up the costs at both ends at our unsuspecting expense. An expense that doesn’t only hit our pocketbook but our moral integrity and robbing us of  reality that’s far from what we really value or have anticipated.

We have so many options in this free country, we are not compelled to go down this road, so why are we when it’s imperative that we all just get along?

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